I Digital: The Zeitgeist and The Brand.

The rules of the game in digital and social media marketing are different from those of mass media campaigns.

Mass media campaigns work on a core consumer insight translated through the prism of brand positioning and personality into sustainable competitive advantage. Mass media campaigns are envisaged to work over a period of time.

On the other hand, online marketing campaigns on digital and social media platforms are a constant flux of digital posts, initiatives and events based on a near continuous sampling of the social zeitgeist to identify spikes and peaks of interest.

For example, to be effective on social media, a brand must quickly respond to a meme that has gone viral – say a celebrity complaining about the price of bananas at a five-star hotel – with a post that has the potential to engage while keeping the brand’s positioning and personality intact.

At iDigital, a digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we are organized to handle this new communication paradigm.

We do so by developing a two-pronged communication and digital marketing strategy for the brand we call the iDigital E-Stream.

Illustrative Projects & Campaigns

So what makes us one of the best advertising agencies in Mumbai? We would rather allow our work to speak for us.